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About Glen



Police Officer Glen K. Pettit was appointed to the NYPD on December 8, 1997. Glen began his career on patrol in the 10 Precinct and was assigned to the Police Academy Video Production Unit in July of 2000.

Besides being a volunteer firefighter since the age of 16, P.O. Pettit was an ardent videographer who was regularly seen at the site of police emergencies. His expertise in that field enabled him to freelance regularly for the New York Times, New York Newsday and News 12 on Long Island. He was one of the first videographers on the TWA Flight 800 crash in July 1996.

On September 11th, 2001, Glen was videotaping the catastrophe at the World Trade Center for future use in training and as possible evidence when he was tragically killed at 30 years of age.

A member and Delegate of the NYPD Emerald Society , Glen was always willing to help his fellow officers with a hand or word of encouragement. On September 13th of 2003, a 2 mile stretch of Montauk Highway running from the Oakdale-West Sayville Fire Station was Re-Named GLEN K. PETTIT WAY.

 On December 2, 2012 The NYC Police Department, NYC Police Academy as well as the 010th and 013th Pcts assisted in the dedication ceremony of renaming the South West Corner of East 20th Street and 2nd Ave PO Glen K. Pettit Corner. 

P.O. Glen K. Pettit is survived by his parents Jane and Thomas Wixted; sisters Diedre and Tara; and brothers, Joseph, Neil and Thomas.